Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making excuses for one's smartphone typos

Back in the late 90's, I remember thinking how clever it was of Hotmail (pre-Microsoft acquisition) to develop a "viral marketing" vehicle by putting default email footers that said "sent from my free hotmail account" on every outbound email a user sent. Pure genius, even if they weren't the first to come up with that idea.

A few years later, RIM used the same strategy with the Blackberry. Those who sent emails from these handhelds had default "Sent from my wireless Blackberry handheld" in every email. Unlike Hotmail, Blackberry users could actually edit or delete this email footer from their handheld. I did because it annoyed me.

Then came the iPhone, who did the same thing. Funny twist here is that because Apple and the iPhone were deemed as cool, most people I know didn't delete it. Friends who emailed me from their iPhone the first few weeks after launch loved getting replies from me and others who noticed their new email footer and wrote back "Dude, you got an iPhone? Awesome!" They knew the rest of us were jealous and they enjoyed the bragging rights!

But lately, I've been noticing how people have edited these default messages and started having fun with them. Most were excuses about their inability to craft proper emails from them. Thought I'd share a few I've received:

Sent from a slightly malfunctioning iPhone.

Sent from rapid typo device

Please excuse any Blackberry typos.

Please excuse any misspellings from my iPhone.

Sorry for tpyos from my chubby fingers typing on my Blackberry Pearl

That last one is funny because there's a typo in the actual message.

Do you have any funny smartphone email footers to share?


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