Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good example of a mobile web experience from Hootsuite

Lately, I've been trying to convince clients to invest a little in optimizing a prospect's experience when they visit your website from a mobile browser.

This is especially important because consumers overwhelmingly prefer the mobile web to mobile apps a recent Adobe study.

About half of my clients today have a mobile website that is different than their regular desktop website. And very few have mobile website optimized by OS even though user agent detection is common place.

So I found it noteworthy and encouraging when I recently visited Hootsuite's website...from my Droid.

I just googled "hootsuite" from my Droid, clicked on the search result, and it took me to

It was great! It had very specific Android creative and messaging. Even the Hootsuite owl mascot got morphed into the Google Android robot character on the right hand side!
The page had benefits clearly listed, strong Download call to action, a video showing how it works on an Android phone, and even a QR Code to download!  (However, I don't know how I would take a picture of the QR code from my mobile if I am reading this page on the same device.)

Also, for you, iPhone lovers, they also had a mobile iphone page at Again, very similar to the Android page, but with Apple cues and messaging.

I hope more brands follow suit as smartphone adoption and mobile browsing will continue to soar!


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