Thursday, June 16, 2011

Angry Birds Brand Over-Extended?

I love Angry Birds, which I mentioned in my Amazon Appstore post. What's not to love? Globally, 200 minutes of Angry Birds is played every day.

Rovio recently said the game has been downloaded over 250 million times! I think I contributed to 5 or 6 of those downloads alone on all my various devices in my home. (On a side note, I recently downloaded Angry Birds on my desktop Chrome browser and was quite surprised how good the user experience was!) I wonder how many of the 250 mil are unique users?...but I digress.

Back to the point of my post.

Yes, Rovio has a runaway success with this mobile game.

And yes, some of its product extensions made sense:
  • Plush toys - Got the classic red bird and green pig myself.
  • Angry Birds-inspired movie, Rio - I had my doubts, but it did well and was still dealing with cute cartoon characters in the movie that was close to the premise of the game.
  • Angry Birds Magic that leverages NFC capabilities. The Plush toys could activate elements in the game. Geo-location could be leveraged too. Definitely some cool offline/online spins to the core game play.
But egg recipe cookbooks? Come on! I think that's a stretch for the brand. Just because I love the game, do I really trust Rovio's culinary tastes?

I still can't find the Angry Birds Game on Facebook. =(


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