Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Capital One 360 Has a Sense of Humor

In this social media world where 2-way dialogue with consumers rules, I give Capital One 360 two thumbs up! Since Capital One acquired ING Direct and re-branded it as Capital One 360, they've been trying to properly manage customers' expectations of the transition.

Acquisitions can be tough because you don't want to alienate current customers. And with a re-branding, you also want to attract new customers. In both cases, marketing communications is critical!

Take your standard legal disclosure notice. Capital One 360 found a way to make it a little bit funny and interesting. And it has a very personal style, like they are talking to a friend.

Email from Capital One 360

The "Legal Land" lead-in title is great!

"What's on tap now?" - Awesome to hear that from a large stodgy financial institution!

"And that's it, all done." - Expect to hear this from a friendly dental or doctor after an appointment

Also, kudos to their legal team for having a sense of humor as well and approving a message like this!


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