Thursday, February 24, 2011

Digimarc Discover: The QR code killer?

Why would any marketer want to put an ugly, geeky QR code alongside beautiful creative?

Source: Elegance IT
Especially when a company like Digimarc is out there with its Digimarc Discover platform that embeds an invisible digital watermark on images (and other media) that makes any media interactive!

Here's a quick video demo on how the technology works and what the user experience would be like.

This has the potential to kill QR codes, just as they start to take hold in the U.S. While it's been more widespread in Asia, QR codes still have low, but growing, adoption in this country. Digimarc could leapfrog QR codes because it's a more elegant technology solution.

To be clear, Digimarc Discover still faces some challenges. One big one is customer and advertiser adoption. With many vendors in the ecosystem that support various forms of 2D codes, including free QR code generators from Google and, it's definitely a crowded space. Digimarc will need to scale quickly to get its technology into as many mobile devices as possible, preferably pre-installed. (Remember how Apple wasn't able to get it's e-book store app pre-installed when the iPad launched, allowing Amazon's Kindle app to have a level playing field to be downloaded on iPads?)

Digimarc Discover is still in development, but it's definitely worth watching!


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