Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Radio DJ's -- the Ultimate Community Manager?

The other day I was listening to my morning radio and realized something. Radio DJ's are very well suited to leverage social media.


And that's because they have an established history of being good at soliciting user interaction by asking listeners to call-in to tell them what they think or be the n-th caller to win a prize.

The problem is it took a lot work from a producer or DJ to queue up the phone callers and listen to them to determine what or who to air. Or if it was a contest based on the n-th caller, they had to run through (n-1) callers to identify the winner.

Enter social media. With Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, the landscape has changed. Now instead of processing one caller at a time, the DJ can quickly ask a question on Facebook and glance at multiple posts on their fan page wall to identify the most engaging responses (see example below from STAR 101.3 FM).

It also engages listeners/fans more because now we all get to see everyone else's response; whereas, when this was done by phone, you usually didn't hear what other callers had to say.

A quick word on mobile. SMS has had a similar effect. DJs ask callers to text their responses to a short code, and they can scan and curate content that is worth mentioning on the air.

This makes DJs natural experts at generating and curating user content, a skill that's required by brands today.

So, the next time you're looking to hire a community manager, maybe you should be looking for DJ experience!


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