Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a Good Time to Be a Math Geek in Online Advertising

Call us math geeks. Or quant jocks. Either way, we MATHIES, as I like to affectionately call us, are here to stay in the online advertising world. With the plethora of data coming in from all the web analytic tools out there, someone has to determine the relevant and insightful trees from the proverbial forest. But a random statistician off the street isn't going to cut it. Rare is the quant jock who also understands the creative side of the business, as well as user experience strategy, technology, and media. And most importantly, she or he can talk to clients in marketing-speak.

Jason Goodman, co-founder of London agency Albion, understands the importance of this next generation of marketers that will replace...or actually, complement, the Don Drapers of the industry, as described in this recent article on The Telegraph.

Being a mathie wasn't always cool. But our time has come.

Also, only a mathie can appreciate something as cool as this: a mathematical equation that plots the Batman symbol. #AWESOME

Courtesy of Stackexchange and HardOCP

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