Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Ignites The Tablet Space

Like many out there, i've been eagerly awaiting and tracking the rumors about the iPad3 launch. And like many, I was disappointed to hear the consensus seems to be that it will not launch until early 2012. =(

Amazon Kindle Fire
The wait has been painful...except Amazon's announcement today of its Kindle Fire has perhaps changed the game...and maybe my mind. For $199, I could get a sweet Android tablet with all the benefits of the Amazon "ecosystem."

I'm already a big fan of Amazon and Android. I own an Droid 3 and had a Droid before that so I am comfortable with Android O/S and the apps, even if there are less in the Android Market than Apple App Store. It does worry me a tad that supposedly Amazon stripped the Market app and only has its own appstore. I haven't compared the 2 libraries, but it seems like the most popular apps are in both stores.

Here's a good video of someone demoing the Kindle Fire I found.

Amazon is taking pre-orders. I am seriously considering getting one because it's only $200! And when the iPad3 comes out, we'll see if I still need it (I mean the iPad 3)...


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