Monday, June 13, 2011

OpenTable Dining Rewards Redemption Process is a #FAIL

Oh, OpenTable, on so many levels, you are such an innovator. But, your Dining Rewards Points Program leaves me perplexed on a few things.

First, for a born-on-the-web company, why in the world does it take 3-6 weeks to SNAIL MAIL customers a DiningCheque when they redeem reward points? In today's world of instant gratification, QR codes, and printable online coupons, why isn't this something a customer redeems on the site and instantly emailed the DiningCheque as a printable voucher?

Futhermore, a few weeks ago, I bought a Groupon-style coupon. And that just required printing out an email to bring to the restaurant after I bought it. So, if OpenTable can run Groupon-style coupons like this, how come they can't issue the same Groupon-style coupon for $0 cost and $20 value or something?

The redemption levels also confuse me. What is the incentive to save and redeem at the higher levels when it's the same one cent per point? Why wouldn't one redeem at 2000 points every time? And why would one save to 10,000 points for the same once cent per point conversion rate?


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